Saturday, April 16, 2011

Decorating your room . . .

Decorating your room is very big, since its where you will be living for the next year your going to want to make it as comfortable as possible. White walls are very boring and can become very depressing. My advice is that you load up the walls with as many posters as possible, if not posters anything. If you notice I hung up a redbull can and a bag from a store, its all about being creative. I was lucky enough to live in a triple which is a room meant for 3 people but I only had one other roommate. My roommate and I decided to bunk our beds and put them in the back room, while we still had another room we converted it into a living room/hang out room. Another thing about these rooms is the lighting. The lighting is VERY important almost key to your happiness in your room. The lighting in the room is very bright, and it takes away from the potential of the room. Instead of using the light switch, I went out and bought white Christmas lights and tried to make my room have a Brooklyn bridge type of an affect. This made me feel more comfortable in my room as I am a native New Yorker. Another tip to livening up the room are black lights, I have about 3 set up around the room, and I usually turn them on when people come over just to have a good time. I drew rain drops on paper and colored them in with highlighter and put them all over my room, the little things can make your room look very cool with the black lights on.

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