About Me

Hey, my name is Kevin Holloman and I'm a freshman at Saint Michael's College. I'm double majoring in Business Administration and Accounting with a minor in Finance.  I was born in Connecticut but moved to Queens, NY when I was 1 year old. I'm a city boy and most of my posts will be about my transition and decisions throughout my college career.  

I'm very laid back and enjoy having a good time. One thing Vermont opened my eyes to, was nature. I was never one for outdoors until I viewed the illustrious red, and yellow leaves first hand. I love basketball and football so I  play a lot of intramural sports on campus. I also plan on joining Rugby soon. I love working out and staying fit, so the gym is a big part of my schedule as well as my studies. I'm happy I made the decision to attend St. Mikes; it wasn't what I expected but there is  never a dull moment on campus. 

You guys can see what I go through on a daily basis by checking out my twitter or ask me some questions on my formspring.